Caring for You, Always

We offer expert help and assistance from our top of the line care professionals.  Below are some of our superstar caregivers and a little about what makes them special!



Kelly Bryson

Hi I’m Kelly!  I am married with 2 children, 2 step children, and 3 dogs.  We enjoy taking walks, watching the kids play sports and just spending time together!  I am CNA and HHA licensed, CPR certified, and have been in healthcare for 26 years!  I love working in home care because I get to spend one on one time with my clients.  I like getting involved in their interests and helping them do the things they like to do.


Ashley Miller

Hi I’m Ashley! My family consists of Richard and I with our son Bentley. We also have two cats that are super playful and one small dog that is always sleepy. My family and I spent a lot of time outside, enjoying any number of activities together. We love going for walks and just doing anything fun outside! I am a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. I have an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in Healthcare Specialist with clinicals in Phlebotomy, Medical Office Management, Healthcare Specialist, and some EKG experience. I also I have CPR certification. With in-home care, I feel that there is better one on one time which means the care being given is more detailed and geared towards that one household or one client. The degree of care is greater and getting to know the clients helps to know what is normal for them and what is not. I hope to make experiences fun by finding out what the client likes and enjoys doing. I love to do puzzles and fun board games. I’m also an avid cook and baker which sometimes can be fun! Spending time outside would be another fun thing to do.


Kakila Miller

Hi I’m Kakila (KiKi)! I got married almost a year ago to my best friend! My husband and I have 3 amazing fur babies 2 dogs, Maggie our 3-year-old St. Bernard, Cocoa our 14-year-old chocolate lab, and our one special cat Oakley who has Down Syndrome. I am a goofy person I love making people laugh. I love music singing, dancing, watching movies, and being outdoors. My husband and I like to go on adventures be it to Chicago or trying different places to eat or just to Walmart – it’s always an adventure for us and people we are with! My father in law is the Preacher at my church and I also am a member of our local gym.  I have my Home Health Aide license, am CPR certified, and hope to have my CNA license soon and am working toward a Medical Administration Assistant!  I value the one on one care of a client because you have more time to sit and get to know them.  I also love how clients get to stay in their own homes where they can feel more comfortable and calmer. Some things I enjoy doing with clients is I have gotten them up to dance or just sit and listen to their favorite song. I try to get them to do their favorite activity. I love doing what I can to make peoples life easier and as stress free as possible. My clients become like family. I hope to add more family in the future. I love this job and have a passion for caring for people!


Lacey Miller

Hi I’m Lacey! I am a single mom of one boy, Noah who is almost 13! He keeps me super busy with baseball and basketball. We are very close and I pray we continue to be as he gets older. We live with my mom and her fur baby, Rosie.  I love spending time with my son and watching him play sports! I know how fast time flies by, so I try to take in every second. I also enjoy reading and listening to music. I am a CMA (certified medical assistant) and well as a CET (certified EKG tech). I also have a technical certificate in medical office administration. I am TB certified and CPR certified. I feel home care is a great option that allows people to continue as normal of a life as possible. In most cases, these clients have worked their entire life to have that home and if a family is able and willing to keep things as close to normal as possible, it puts the client more at ease. The client also may be more compliant with the care plan if they feel comfortable.  I enjoy having clients involved in activities depending on what they like to do. I have done board games, cards, and puzzles with clients in the past.  I have had clients pick recipes to help me prep and cook. Weather permitting and health permitting we could go on short walks or do a little yard work that is not extensive. I have helped a client plant her flowers and a small garden and that kept us busy most of the summer.  I am just really excited to get begin my journey Safeguard Joy!


Anna Zanin

Hi I’m Anna! I have a very close-knit family which consists of my mom, Carie, my dad, Steve, and my two half-brothers, Sal & Anthony. I currently live with my boyfriend, Brendon, who I love very much.  I enjoy music, theatre, dance, psychology, the enneagram, reading, journaling, self-care, mental health, and love. I am CPR and First Aid certified.  I value in-home care because it provides a more personal experience to the client, and gives them a heightened sense of independence and life quality. In addition, taking into account our current universal situation with COVID-19, it is much safer.  I make my client’s experience fun by doing activities & having conversations about things that the client is passionate about / that we may have in common. I love working in home health care because it gives me the chance to spread my empathy and love in a healthy and positively impactful way! The world needs that now more than ever.


Morgan Danford

Hi I’m Morgan! My boyfriend and I are currently living in Winamac. We have 1 dog named Klaus and one cat named Benny. I love to be outside; I’m a nature freak! Thunderstorms are my absolute favorite. I also love to paint and am a big animal lover. 😊 I am a Certified Nursing Assistant. I have always worked in facilities But I am very adventurous and live to try new things. I think everyone should try things. Whether it’s in a facility or at home there are still people depending on help with their care.  I like doing anything that a client enjoys.  I enjoy helping clients with their hobbies, it could be planting flowers, doing crosswords, or even playing cards!


Charity Warner

Hi I’m Charity!  live with my boyfriend of 5 years. I have a 17 year old son and my boyfriend has a 17 year old son!  We have 2 kitties (Sassy Star and Komykozi Komet) and yes, they live up to their names!  I enjoy waterfalls, phy, hiking, and traveling.   I am a CHHA.  I Worked/work in a facility and see the care provided and how the residents feel/act.  Everyone would rather stay in their homes and feel secure and comfortable.  Things I like to do with my clients is talk with them about their younger years, and their past to see what they like to do, if they ever had hobbies, interest, etc.  I try and do things they would enjoy and have fun!


Larissa Patton

Hi I’m Larissa!  I am currently in a relationship of 2 years.  I have a 2 year old son named Blayden who is a handful 😊.  I also have 2 small dogs, Nook & Jasper.  I enjoy color therapy, yoga/ small workouts, and fishing.  I am a CAN, and currently in college majoring in Medical Assisting.  I prefer home care because in placement facilities you don’t get as much 1 on 1 care with the residents.  I enjoy getting to actually know the residents (clients).  I can make sure that their needs are taken care of.  Some activities I like to do with clients is doing puzzles, painting, balloon toss, sometimes dancing and listening to their favorite music!


Kristina Colombo-Butler

Hi I’m Kristina! I’m a mom to 6 kids, 1 boy and 5 girls and a dog 😊.  We enjoy going to movies and I homeschool my kids.  We attend church and play piano and assist with the preschool class.  I am a CNA and am CPR Certified.  I love home care because it is a better experience for family and client with being able to have one on one care and getting to know the family and client.  I like to get to know what makes them happy and do the things they like to do with them.


Courtney Kopka

Hi I’m Courtney! I have 2 siblings, Camryn & Braeden.  My dogs names are Maddie, Ollie and Chonk 😊.  I love to sing and draw photo-realistic faces!  I am affiliated with McCleary Chapel at the University of Indianapolis as well as Student Nursing Association at UIndy.  I am CPR/BLS Certified and am going into my 3rd year of nursing school.  I have experience with nursing home care and I know that being in the comfort of your own home makes people happier!  I enjoy learning about what they enjoy doing the most and helping them do it by joining in on the activity!  I just want to help people and make sure they’re as happy and healthy as possible!


Stephanie Minnix

Hi I’m Stephanie! I have 2 kids, Tyler, 14, and Carter, 1.  I foster kids of all ages and have 2 dogs, Polar Bear and Brandtly.  I enjoy reading, photography, and scrapbooking.  I have an Associates Degree in Social work, Med Pass trained, Blood Borne Pathogens trained and First Aid/ CPR certified.  I value the ability to build a relationship with my clients in a home setting.  I  like finding out which activities each client likes and building onto their interests with cards/ games.  I am excited to have the ability to work with clients one-on-one building a relationship and work with their interests to learn about them.


Moriah Casey

Hi I’m Moriah!  I have 4 kids, Bradley (7), Jeremiah (6), Landon (2) and London (2)!  We enjoy fishing, camping, floating the river, reading when I have time, watching tik-tok, and binge watching Netflix.  I was a CNA for 4 years licensed in Virginia.  I love being able to know my client on a more personal level and being able to give complete attention to one client as opposed to having to rush through multiple clients.  I like to do anything my client would like to do from crafts to outdoor activities.


Jenna Miller

Hi I’m Jenna!  I have 2 brothers and 1 sister.  I love to tan and go to the beach.  I enjoy playing volleyball and going shopping.  I also like hanging out with my friends.  I attend church at Zion Bethel in Monticello.  I was in NHS and Student Council at West Central.  I am a CNA and CPR certified.  My plans are to go to Indy and attend Ivy Tech to study Medical Imaging. Home care allows me to get more one on one time with my clients and allows me to get to know them better.  I love listening to music with clients, having conversations, cooking, baking, and making them laugh and smile!  My goal is to make sure their days are good!


Shirley Butler

Hi I’m Shirley!  I have 2 children, Dakota & Chantelle, 3 dogs, and many cats.  My kids keep me busy!  I am part of the White County Special Olympics.  I am a Personal Care Attendant. I love home care because it allows the client to be in their own surroundings with their own belongings.  I would make their experience fun by visiting with them and learning about them, their past, and their families, etc.  I am excited to work with Safeguard Joy because I am looking forward to a change and being in a team oriented, client focused organization.  I am looking forward to working with you!


Janet Greer

Hi I’m Janet!  I’m a mother of 4 with 5 bonus daughters!  I enjoy spending time with my family.  I am a CNA. I like the one on one care aspect of in-home care.  I am so excited to share joy with Safeguard clients!


Sandra Haligarda

Hi I’m Sandra!  My husband is a police officer, and we have a daughter, son and 2 cats!  I enjoy reading, self-improvement, meditation, helping others and spreading joy and laughter.   I am a Personal Care Attendant and am currently enrolled at Ivy Tech full time.  I value in-home care because I love people feeling the most comfortable they can be!  To make my client experience fun I would do whatever they enjoy.  I love board and card games and taking walks.  I LOVE helping people and I want to be part of an amazing company and movement.  I am very easy going, happy, silly & funny.


Ashley Long

Hi I’m Ashley!  I am married to my best friend and blessed with 4 beautiful babies and 2 dogs.  I love gardening, making crafts, and hanging out with my family.  I was previously a Home Health Aide and attend Thornhope Church.  I am CPR certified, Went through Med Admin and have been trained on feeding (G/S) tubing.  I love the friendly surrounding of home care.  I want my client and the client’s family to feel comfortable w2ith leaving their loved one with a HHA and this job is essential.  I make client experiences fun by showing interest in their interests and doing anything that makes them smile.  Safeguard Joy seems like a very friendly organization.


Maegan Hernandez

Hi I’m Maegan!  I have been with my significant other for a little over 5 years and we have 2 little girls together, ages 2 and 7 months.  I am part of NWI Elite Gymnastics Mommy and Me gymnastics classes with my oldest daughter.  I am a CNA and attend Ivy Tech college to get my Nursing Degree.  I am also BLS certified.  I have only worked in facilities previously but I believe I will be able to give more quality care as an In-home caregiver because I would be able to focus on one client at a time.  I look forward to getting to know my clients and what their interests are


Ami Laporte

Hi I’m Ami! I have 2 daughters and 1 son.  I have 9 grandkids, two of whom I adopted ages 3 & 7.  I have cats and kittens if someone wants one.  I love to craft, trash to treasure, decorating, karaoke, and love the sun and heat.  I love to dumpster dive, puzzles, drawing, coloring, games, crocheting and watching 90 day fiancé.  I have a medical coding diploma.  Home care builds more personal, intimate relationships.  I like to talk to my clients and joke around.  I am excited to work with Safeguard Joy because I love taking care of people.  I love to learn and watch interesting crime and horror shows.  Halloween is my favorite time of the year.  Lobster is my favorite food.  I love footie PJ’s.  Maybe we could have a spirit week/ monthly get togethers!


If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.