Foods the Elderly Need to Avoid

Foods the Elderly Need to Avoid

Vegetables and fruits generally prove to be very essential for the young ones. However, as we age, some of them are to be avoided. A Home Care in Winamac, Indiana lists the following foods that you or your aging loved ones need to avoid:

  • Grapefruit
    When you take medicines for anxiety, high blood pressure, or insomnia, you may have to avoid eating grapefruits as they interact with these drugs. Get your dose of potassium and Vitamin C from oranges or other citrus fruits or food sources instead.
  • Raw vegetables
    Aging may come with missing, sensitive, or decayed teeth, which is why you may need to avoid eating vegetables in their raw form. Try cooking or making purees out of them.
  • Beans
    These may result in gas and stomach pain, but taking them slowly to your diet will give you high levels of fiber, protein, and iron without experiencing the said conditions.
  • Alcohol
    Not only does it disrupt your sleep and raise your blood pressure, but it can also affect the medicines that will work for you.
  • Caffeine
    This can cause heart rate increase and sleeping problems. As a Home Care Provider in Indiana, we recommend you replace your caffeinated drinks with decaf, herbal tea, or water.

Let a respite care provider, like Safeguard Joy LLC, help you and your loved ones have a healthier diet.

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