Can You Get a Massage After Surgery?


According to studies, a massage can be an essential form of treatment following surgery. Following surgery, a person can often experience pain, scarring, inflammation, and a condition called lymphedema. Lymphedema occurs following the removal of lymph nodes causing damage or blockage to the lymphatic system.

Post-surgery, a massage may help a person by encouraging an increase in healing, stimulating the lymphatic system, and breaking down scar tissue. However, proper techniques should be used to help reduce negative symptoms post-surgery, and a go signal from your physician must be obtained first.

Aside from having someone assist you at home when you are recuperating from a surgery, such as our home care provider in Indiana, you may want to avail of a professional massage therapist when thinking about recovery by relaxation of your muscles. Some types of massage used after a surgical procedure include deep tissue massage, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, remedial massage, and therapeutic massage. The adverse effects a massage can help post-surgery include stress, scarring, and acute pain.

Stress is commonly increased post-surgery. It can occur physically and mentally. Physical stress occurs within the muscles after the damage caused by surgery results in muscle weakness and a buildup of tension. Following surgery, a person, especially senior citizens, may find it hard to do the tasks and activities they normally do at home. Hence, massages can help, as well as our home care in Winamac, Indiana.

Before deciding to get a massage after your surgery, be sure to ask your doctor first and wait for your incision healing to be complete. To be safe, you can call Safeguard Joy LLC for assistance in post-operative care. We also offer respite care services!

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