Stress Management Tips for the Elderly

Stress Management Tips for the Elderly

Facing a global health crisis can be stressful, scary, and even depressing. The health and safety risks are even higher for our senior loved ones. As such, how can a home care provider in Indiana help them avoid stress and anxiety in such hard times?

Safeguard Joy LLC, a provider of home care in Winamac, Indiana, shares the following tips for the elderly:

  • Practice social distancing, but not social isolation.
    Isolating seniors can lead to more problems, such as accidents, health complications, and higher risks of depression, among others.
  • Allow your respite caregiver to assist you with accomplishing daily living tasks with minimal direct physical contact as possible.
    Receiving instructions for grooming, dressing, bathing, or toileting is also a good step to maximize seniors’ independence. This can give them a boost in self-esteem as well.
  • Teach the elderly how to use technology to communicate with their loved ones who are away in the safety of their own homes.
    That way, they can continue to uphold positive interactions even at times when in-person visits must be limited.
  • Keep seniors involved by conversing and reminiscing with them, as well as watching movies, sharing stories, listening to music, and enjoying other activities together.
    This may also be a good time to allow them to demonstrate a family recipe or organize old memorabilia and photos.
  • Try deep relaxation and breathing exercises to minimize daily stress.
    Simple yoga can also help with not only their physical but also their mental well-being.

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