Habits to Keep Your Heart Healthy


As we age, we become more at risk of acquiring heart-related illnesses. Many unchangeable factors lead to heart diseases such as your environment, age, and family history. But there are lifestyle changes that you can do to reduce your risk. Here are some tips:

Eat foods good for the heart. We highly recommend green leafy vegetables because they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Other heart-healthy foods are whole grains (high in fiber), berries (rich in antioxidants), and fatty fish (full of omega-3).

If there are good foods for the heart, there are also bad ones. Avoid foods high in sugar, salt, refined carbs, and saturated fat. Some examples are bacon (high in saturated fat), red meat (boosts cholesterol), and soda (full of added sugar).

Stay active and maintain a healthy weight. Regular exercise helps decrease your risk of developing heart disease. A moderate-intensity 30-minute workout will do. And remember to not skip cardiovascular exercises.

Moreover, practice healthy habits such as drinking less alcohol and giving up smoking. You also need to practice good sleeping habits. Adults need 6 to 9 hours of sleep every day and also learn to manage stress.

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