How to Support Your Elderly in their Post-Op Recovery


Surgery will be a tad more difficult for our senior loved ones more than anyone due to their age. Not only will their recovery be more challenging, but it will also be extra stressful for caregivers.

Fortunately, you can support them and hasten their healing with these simple and practical ways we are sharing to you as your trusted home care provider in Indiana at Safeguard Joy LLC.

Here are the ways we suggest to do in preparation of their hospital discharge:

  • Prepare the things they will need and the home they will return to
    Make sure to consult with their doctor or nurse and create a list if necessary. This way, you won’t be scrambling at the last minute trying to complete your list.

    For their home, make sure to make it as fall-proof as possible. Install grab bars, clear pathways, remove clutter, and make sure the darker areas are illuminated.

  • Monitor their condition
    Doing so allows you to catch anything that feels off that you wouldn’t otherwise have done so if you didn’t monitor them. You can also better understand their limitations this way.
  • Get on top of their medication schedule
    Typically, patients need at least 80% medication adherence rate to ensure ‘optimal therapeutic efficacy’ per the US Pharmacist.
  • Know when respite care is necessary
    Caregiving is a demanding endeavor. So there’s no shame in asking for help when you need it.

Rest assured, when it gets overwhelming, you can count on our caregivers in our home care in Winamac, Indiana to assist you.

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